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Kassie Tubbs

Yoga Teacher - Women's Yoga & Slow Flow
The breath is a powerful tool to connect to our true inner self

I fell in love with Ashtanga Yoga while travelling in 2005. I was hooked and continued on a quest for more understanding which led me to study Ashtanga Yoga with Paul Dallaghan at Yoga Thailand. I then studied Pranayama (the breath practices of yoga) with his teacher, Shri O.P Tiwari at The Kaivalyadhama Institute in India.

I continue to follow a path steeped in the tradition of my teachers, while seeking my own path of self-discovery. The act of giving birth connected me to a power that lay within my body, referred to in yogic texts as Kundalini. This experience led me to teach pre and post-natal yoga, to enable women to prepare for an empowered birth and smooth recovery period.

The breath is of utmost importance in all of the classes I teach. Pranayama has the ability to connect us with this intrinsic power that lay within.