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Denis Juelicher

Studio Owner & Yoga Teacher
Yoga enables me to make choices that allow me to lead a contented, happy life

My yoga journey began at the Sydney Yoga Centre, where I started yoga journey with my first teachers Mardi Kendall and Eve Grzybowski in 1998 and undertook my first teacher training in Iyengar-inspired Hatha Yoga.

I was introduced to Ashtanga Yoga by Trevor Tangye in Sydney in 1999. In the beginning it was the dynamic, physically challenging aspect of the practice that attracted me. Expecting to lose interest in practising the same sequence of postures on an ongoing basis, I was surprised to find that it was just that repetition that gave my practice depth. The mat became a mirror for the best and worst that was going on with my life.

On my first trip to India in 2001, I attended Lino Miele’s workshop in Kovalam, Kerala. He has been my teacher, guiding my practice ever since. I now regularly assist in Lino’s workshops in India and Italy, which are attended by hundreds of Ashtanga Yoga practitioners from around the world every year.

Lino’s emphasis on the breath and correct vinyasa opened a door to a new understanding of Ashtanga Yoga for me. I started to experience the breathing and the practice as a powerful transformational tool.

With many years of practice my interest in the healing power of the breath deepened. I started studying Pranayama (breathing techniques) and meditation/self inquiry with Clive Sheridan in 2012, attending his workshops and retreats annually and delving more deeply into an inquiry into the true nature of who we are.

Commitment to a regular, ongoing practice of 20 years has brought about many positive changes in my life and continues to challenge me on a physical, mental and emotional level.