Christine Neufeld

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Christine Neufeld

Yoga Teacher
Ashtanga Yoga has strengthened, opened and unravelled my body and my mind. It has transformed me into a ‘warrior’ and helped me find true balance in my life

Yoga is one of Christine’s biggest passions. Her love of yoga inspired her to obtain a Diploma of Yoga Teaching from the International Yoga Teachers Association.

For Christine, yoga illuminates a path, providing a more transparent and authentic reality. She believes that the regular, holistic practice of yoga can positively affect the ways in which one interacts with themselves and the world. She now chooses to live in a way that cultivates and establishes a connection to her Self. She aims to facilitate this in others through her teaching.

Christine was introduced to Ashtanga Yoga through the Yoga Shala when she moved to Port Macquarie. She is enamoured with this dynamic, empowering, meditative and blissful practice. She believes that the deep transformative power of Ashtanga Yoga is best revealed through a slow and gentle approach.