Soul Sangeet | Thu, 9 Jan

Witness a live duo unlike any other with the incredible 22 string fusion sitar/guitar and sensational rhythms of one of the worlds most expressive drums, the tabla. The Soul Sangeet tour brings Musical Mantra, Raga (melody) and some serious Tala (rhythm) to The Yoga Shala on Thurdsday, 9 January. The concert will start at 7 pm and there is an option to book a simple, vegetarian, pre-show dinner, which starts at 6 pm.

Soul Sangeet is a unique blend of music based on the Indian Classical system and philosophy, combined with various World Music styles. Sangeet means sound or music in Sanksrit and follows a deep belief of spirit in sound; hence the name Soul Sangeet.

This music has a tendency to elevate the atmosphere and listener to new levels of depth and tone with its dynamic contrast of slow to fast speeds, unique rhythmical patterns and improvisational complexity, bringing a natural high of intoxicating melody and rhythm with an unparalleled depth of knowledge and cultural understanding from generations upon generations.

Shivam Rath and his signature 'crystalslide' is joined for the first time by international tabla wizard Satpak Sharma from New Delhi India who has been playing tabla since the age of four and studying with the world famous tabla mestro Akram Khan for the last 15 years.

Riding the rhytmic master with a crystal ball for his melodic glides Shivam is quickly sliding up to be one of Australia’s leading ‘slide guitarist’, having studied under one of the worlds greatest from Kalkatta; Debashish Bhattacharia and immersed himself in the Indian Classical field of Music since he was also a young boy connecting to its ancient and thus highly evolved art of Rhythm & Raga (melodic structure).

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Cost: $25 online | $30 on the door | $40 concert & dinner (online only)