Restorative Yoga & Gongs | Fri, 13 Dec at 5.30 pm

Join Denis & Jaye for 90 minutes of absolute bliss. 

Give yourself the gift of stopping, of letting go of the doing, the running around. In restorative yoga we practice gently, using equipment, such as bolsters, blocks and blankets to support the body in a series of yoga postures. With every posture we relax more deeply, open the body and enter a more meditative space. Restorative yoga is a highly relaxing and deeply internal experience, which is enhanced by the sound vibrations of the Gongs.

The session will end with a 30 minute Gong Soundbath, where you lie back comfortably and enter a deeply meditative space, while feeling the Gong vibrations moving through your body.

De-stress and start your weekend deeply relaxed!

Booking essential, as spaces are limited.