Moving with the Cycles of Womanhood | Sun, 19 Nov - 10 am

Join us for this special 3-hour workshop with Womb Temple Yoga's Chaitanya Morly-Southall. 

We will learn how we can deepen our yoga practice and our life, through exploring and honouring our feminine nature. 

The workshop will incude working with the main asanas (yoga postures) for nurturing and healing the womb, key practices for hormonal balance and sequencing adjustments for menstruation and menopause to support your body as she changes and enrich your experience as a woman.

If you would like to discover how your body's cycles and seasons provide a feminine pathway to embodied awareness, this workshop is for you. 

In this workshop you will use yoga to:
+ learn to respond to your bosy's ever changeing needs as a woman
+ embody the cycles of building and releasing for ggreater health and clarity
+ respond with awareness to PMS, prolapse and menopausal symtoms
+ deeepen into self-awareness through embracing your unique feminine nature

All women who practice yoga can benefit from this workshop.

Cost: $55 or $80 for mother & daughter