IN TO YIN - course starts Mon, 14 Oct

IN TO YIN is a five week immersion in the wonderful world of Yin Yoga with Ninna Lauritsen.

We will slowly work our way through the different areas of the body with the gentle and curious mindset of Yin Yoga. Each class is set up as a guided meditation through some classical, and some not-so-classical Yin poses.

We are going in deep: We will take the time to understand and feel the benefits of every move we make. The aim of this course is to share the magic of Yin Yoga through theory and practice, to assist you in learning to speak the language of your body, and to provide you with the space to relax completely.

Join us for this five week immersion that will leave you a softer and wiser human being. 

This course is open to students of all levels, including complete beginners.

Cost: $75