Day Retreat | Sun, 19 May from 10 am

Join us for a day of yoga, community connection, wholesome food and deep relaxation. This retreat is an opportunity to spend a day in a beautiful environment and enjoy doing yoga with likeminded-people. You'll return refreshed and with some tools to manage the stresses of everyday life.

Arrive a little early to enjoy the beautiful farm setting at FUN Yoga, just out of Wauchope. The morning practice will include Pranayama (breathing), Hatha Yoga and relaxation.

You will love the wholesome, vegetarian lunch but make sure to let us know if you have any dietary rquirements.

During the lunch break there will be plenty of time to chat with fellow yogis, go for a walk or just chill out.

In the afternoon we will consider how we can use yoga in our everyday life to stay centred when life gets out of hand, how to find stillness amongst all of our responsibilities and activities,  and how to stay in tune with our own needs and meet them. 

You will leave this retreat re-charged and relaxed and with a bag of tools that you can use to find more balance in everyday life.

Cost: $85