Clive Sheridan Workshop - 13/14 March 2021

A Bit About Clive

Clive’s first trip overland to India from Europe in 1966 was the beginning of a lifetime’s quest for spiritual truth. His exploration into all aspects of Hatha Yoga, with particular focus on the precious art of pranayama, revealed a sacred journey back to the heart, and awakened him to the radiance of Mother Nature.

The inspirational and enlightening guidelines on self-inquiry introduced to him by his wild and uncompromising mentor/guru, whom he met in the late 1980’s in West Bengal, added spice to Clive’s subsequent teachings that he shares in many parts of the world.

Through the seasons his unique 'spiritual cocktail' has matured into a potently transformative sharing of Hatha Yoga sadhana, together with a very direct yet loving approach to self-inquiry. This inquiry challenges us to be open to healing all past emotional and psychological pain, and dissolving the unresolved energies and disruptive tendencies accumulated through our life. 

Clive further inspires us to consider asana and pranayama as tools for spiritual transformation, opening our hearts to the divine presence.

This potent feminine principle Shakti - Mother Nature - is at play within the universe. She is everywhere! 

"Yoga sadhana opens the heart and clears the mind - self inquiry empowers us to consider a deeper transformation - and devotional meditation, according to our hearts, reveals to us our inner radiance and beauty".


Workshop Content

After the morning meditation, Clive will daily guide a deep and sensitive pranayama session, introducing certain important breathing rhythms. These rhythms, which are calming at the time of practicing them, gradually harness a deeper energetic vitality that awakens from within us.  The asana sessions will be fairly strong, but accessible to all. Clive's partner Miranda will be assisting in the adjustments during the session. This weekend workshop is suitable for all levels of yoga practitioners.

The afternoon will continue with a Satsang, where Clive will speak about the inner aspects of yoga as a way to fulfil and enrichen our lives. There will be time for a few questions near the end. A short asana class will follow, and then each day will finish with a pranayama sitting, once again with energising pranayama rhythms being explored.

Please bring any equipment you require.


Workshop Schedule

0800-1000 ... Meditation / Pranayama 

1000-1130 ... Asana


1300-1430 ... Satsang / questions

1430-1515 ... Asana

1515-1600 ... Pranayama 


Workshop Cost & Bookings

Cost: $270 includes weekend workshop. Please bring any equipment you need.

Book here


Workshop Location

Port Macquarie Primary School

Cnr. William & Grant St

Please note the Friday Evening Satsang will be held at The Yoga Shala, L1/157 Gordon St, Port Macquarie.



Please email Denis if you have any questions in relation to the workshop, finding accommodation, etc.