Being Present

Life is wonderfull! It's packed with experiences, sensations, sounds - all for us to enjoy! 

Unfortunately, we miss most of that. We inhabit minds that love to dash between the past and the future at break-neck speed, yet seem to enjoy the present only in split-second increments. The thing is, all the good stuff happens in the present only! But being present is challenging. 

A large part of the population goes about their lives hardly ever connecting to the present moment - and completely unawares of it. 

Those of us who have a yoga practice are one step ahead: we have started to observe ourselves on the mat, our bodies, our breath, our minds. We know we're not present most of the time. We might be able to go through a few postures without losing focus or to sit in meditation for a short time. But for most of us these moments of stillness will be glimpses only. 

Becoming present more often is a challenge that is worth taking up because the present is all we'll ever have. Everything you are able to connect with, see, hear, smell, experience happens in the present moment.  If your mind was dwelling on the past or moved into the future, you've missed it! In addition, much of the discontent in our lives relates to the past or the future. It vanishes in the present moment.

Yoga gives us all the tools we need to practise living in the now: Pranayama (breathing techniques), meditation, practice of yoga postures. It's up to us to use them! We will be offering more opportunities to explore these in new classes starting at The Yoga Shala in May.

Mondays, 10 am   Restorative Yoga

Fridays, 5 pm        Meditation