Shala News & Events

Enjoy a blissful evening of music with the wonderful Jo Kelly
Friday Calm - Restorative Yoga, Breathing & Meditation for everyone
Moving Into Stillness - Ashtanga Yoga Intensive, Goa, India 14-23 Dec
Escape to a magical place at the foot of Mount Batukaru, a dormant volcano in central Bali
Explore how stress manifests in your life & discover ways of living with less stress
Relaxing to the sound vibrations of Gongs is just divine. With the sound of the Gong we move into a spontaneous state of meditation and deep relaxation.
Unlimited classes for $150 - new students only
Experience your charts through dance. Chakradance is a practice for body & soul
Experience the joy of Kiran with Om Tara from Woolgoolga
A workshop of nurturing, healing and balancing your life and female nature
Beach Yoga Fundraiser for the Coastal Warriors