Shala News & Events

Lulu & Mischka are two souls devoted to supporting the awakening of humanity through music and stillness. Join their radiant journey into the powerful practice of chanting.
Deep relaxation with the sound vibrations of Gongs
Five Sunday Sessions with a focus on inversions and arm balances
Afternoon tea and sound meditation at The Yoga Shala in support of refugees.
The Yoga Shala is again a major sponsor of Ekam Yoga Festival in 2017
A day of relaxation, meditation, gentle yoga and sound vibrations
Come on a transformational journey of of vibration, breath and sound with Matt the Gong Guru
Join us for a weekend retreat at beautiful Stroud Monastery - deepen your yoga practice, relax, enjoy
Caring for Country is a road trip and movie screening creating conversation in which our communities can connect with country, culture and each other
Join us for the Beach Yoga Season Launch and raise $ to support local charity "if we all had wings"