Ashtanga Yoga

Ashtanga Yoga is a flowing, dynamic practice. At its core, it is a breathing practice. The breath links the movements, allows the development of a deep internal focus and connects body and mind. The Ashtanga Yoga Primary sequence focuses on detoxification of the body as well as buidling strength and flexibility. At The Yoga Shala a group of committed teachers works with each student to develop their practice in a way that is safe and appropriate for the individual. Ashtanga Yoga is a challenging practice - not only on the physical level - with great potential for transformation.

The Yoga Shala
The Yoga Shala is a dedicated Ashtanga Yoga studio. The majority of classes are traditional Mysore-style.
We offer 4-week beginners courses as an introduction to Ashtanga Yoga. Classes are held twice/wk. Bookings essential.
Upcoming Events
Join our Autumn Retreat at Stroud Monastery in March. Weekend retreats offer an opportunity to deepen your yoga practice in a relaxing and supportive environment, away from everyday chores and responsibilities.

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"To develop the breath is to open the door to transformation"

- Max Strom


The Yoga Shala will be closed from Thursday, 21 December until Tuesday, 2 January. The last class of the year will be Yin Yoga on Thursday, 21 December at 10 am.